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9 August 2017 , 10:15 am

You can achieve far more than you think!

Women's Day

The best leaders are those who have walked the path and have first-hand experience of what it takes to rise through the ranks. And when you look back at the year, at your career, there’s a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that you’ve grown in ways you never thought were possible.

This unexpected growth has largely shaped my journey at the Flight Centre Travel Group which began 12 years’ ago. I came to the city after a five-year stint working at a game lodge and started at the bottom. I still remember how I felt on my first day in store and I’m reminded of it every time I speak to novices who are getting to grips with this wonderful world of travel.

There’s nothing more I enjoy than the people aspect of my role. You can keep the boardroom, it’s the time with people I adore – seeing them grow, watching them become financially successful and that lightbulb moment when you know they just ‘get it’.

Women's DayMy role as the general manager of our retail brands is a rewarding one. I’m able to invest time and energy in the continuous development of our people, in addition to all the aspects of the customer experience.  And within the Flight Centre Travel Group, there are so many opportunities to move into other areas of the business, opportunities to push you out of your comfort zone.

As we celebrate Women’s Day this month, I’m thankful that as a woman I can empathise with the people in our business, be successful, but at the same time enjoy work/life balance. It takes practice to create those boundaries, but the key to this is empowering the people with whom you work to make decisions for themselves and trusting them with it.

When I eventually leave this travel journey, I know my genuine concern for the wellness and wellbeing of others, and my love for people will take me down the path of running my own successful business.

Who knows? You may just see me soothing all your stress away in my reiki or reflexology practice. But for now, the healing powers of travel are mine to share and I do so with absolute passion and delight.

As Miriam Beard once said: “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is the change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

What better way to release the worries of the world, than embarking on that journey for change through travel?

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This post was written by Marieke Tucker

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