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When I embarked on my first journeys 30 years ago, the world looked very different. Eastern Europe was behind the iron curtain. The Internet didn’t exist. Mobile phones were not around.

I remember how my family saved for years to go on an international trip. The months of preparation included visiting libraries to borrow books about exotic destinations. We carried the books home and studied and debated them with my siblings and parents. Many of the books were years, if not decades, old. Nevertheless, that was our source of inspiration and information.

The travel agency visits meant long waiting times in offices and driving across the city to compare prices. On the plane, I remember watching the whirls of cigarette smoke floating above my seat.

Despite all of that, I will never forget the feeling of discovering new destinations, smelling new scents, seeing the mountains or hearing the sea. I remember the sensation of tasting new foods and hearing new languages. For a small boy this was a miracle. Things are very different today, but that feeling is still there every time I travel.


Travel is still magical. It always has been, and it always will be.

In 2017, Amadeus celebrates 30 years of advancing travel with our customers and partners. But more importantly, we’re focused on the next 30 years, and on making travel work even better.

When it comes to travel, it’s wonderful to remember where you’ve been. But it’s even more exciting to think about where you’re going next. That’s what this 30 year milestone means to Amadeus – it’s a moment to look back and an opportunity to look forward. And that’s why we’re working with our partners, customers and travellers – to continue shaping the future of travel for decades to come.