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Future Travellers

Understanding trendsetters and future heavy consumers of travel is fundamental. It enables Amadeus and its travel agency partners to continually innovate to provide customers with tools and technologies that satisfy end traveler needs.

Who is the NextGen traveller?

  • Young adults age 18-30 who travel frequently, are tech-savvy, and are heavy Internet and social media users.

Why the NextGen traveller?

  • Traveling has never been easier; evolution is occurring in the way consumers perceive travel.
  • The direct channel is slowly becoming the first touch point for many savvy travelers.
  • An abundance of free information online makes it easy.

In-depth qualitative research enabled Amadeus to develop insightful conclusions about what travelers want, both now and in the future. Three key themes emerged that satisfy these consistently evolving needs.

  • The shift from tourist to explorer

NextGens are accustomed to surfing travel review sites, photos, videos, blogs and communities – at no cost. They are more empowered than ever to decide what they want at the time of consumption or travel.

  • Complete social integration will power the future

Socializing is the essence of life for NextGens. They like to be in contact with others, sharing experiences and hobbies that reflect how they want to be viewed by peers. Mobile adds to their 24/7 connected lifestyles.  Access to unlimited information has major implications for retail – especially travel.

  • Finding the unfound, telling the untold, searching for uniqueness:

NextGens want products, services, experiences and information that deliver “something different” and do not duplicate what they already have or know. They also want content specifically tailored to them, not intended for mass consumption.

What’s your take on the next generation of travellers?

You can download the full report here for more insights: Trending with NextGen travelers