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Big brother is watching you. Well, in the world of business travel, he should be if the views of your clients are anything to go by.

Today’s corporate travellers would not only like, but in fact expect you to deliver a personalised and individual travel experience. They want you, their TMC, to predict their every want and need without them having to spell it out.

Ask yourself if what’s to follow accurately describes you:

Today’s TMC focus tends to be on delivering significant cost savings as well as more independence for the traveller while ensuring compliance and duty of care.

Sadly, much as you already have loads to juggle, if you want to remain competitive, there’s more to travel management than who foots the bill. And if the recently released Amadeus Managed Travel 3.0 study is anything to go by personalisation is going to have to hightail it to the top of your agenda.

You’re in a unique position, more so than any other member of the travel industry, to deliver a personalised experience and predict what your clients want at every step of the travel journey.

You have the info, now use it!

You already hold the key to your client’s heart. Now it’s time to extract and make intelligent use of all the information you have at your fingertips. What does the data you have collected about your client tell you about their past travel behaviour, profile and whether they like chicken or beef?

Use that information to make sure his favourite pillow type has already been selected and delivered to his room, that he knows exactly where the best Italian restaurant is in town (if he’s in to pasta, that is) and that the gym has a plentiful supply of treadmills cause of course your traveller is a rather impatient gym bunny.

Put away your Harry Potter wand. Help is at hand.

Head of Travel Intelligence at Amadeus, Pascal Clément, explains that travellers are telling us what they want through each interaction but only now can we listen, interpret and respond in an instant.

Embracing this change will create an amazing experience for the business traveller and what’s more, it will position you as the TMC of choice for years to come.

Want to learn more about Managed Travel 3.0? Download Amadeus’ white paper for insights into personalisation and other essentials for TMCs looking to the future