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How can travel agents make people’s dreams come true if they are not themselves living their dreams?

We chatted to SA Masters Swimmer Sally Ralfe on how she combines her active lifestyle, her family life and her thriving business as an independent travel consultant.

A frequent gold medal winner, Sally keeps fit by swimming 8 months of the year. “It’s too cold in winter,” she laughs, adding that during the colder months, she keeps herself busy with mountain biking and trail running.

Besides engaging in sports, Sally is a mom to four beautiful children as well as an assistant in the local Primary School, where she helps at the music department a few times a week. Sally started working for Pentravel as an independent consultant in 1996. “I had worked overseas as an au pair and travelled quite extensively. So when I saw the Pentravel advert in the newspaper; I thought this would be a lovely job and perfect for me.”

The most difficult part of her job is juggling my time, she admits. “I try and work mostly while the children are at school, but often find myself sitting behind the computer late at night. I don’t mind though, as I’m able to work my own hours and may have been at a sports event that afternoon with my kids.”

For very active travel consultants like Sally, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is a great way to combine their business and their passion. “I love that I can now access Amadeus from my Macbook,” says Sally. “I’m not tied to the office all day. I can take my laptop anywhere and often book in the car when travelling!!! When hubby is driving of course!”

Sally explains that her business is definitely her passion as well. “I love making people’s dreams come true. Travel is expensive now and client work hard to afford their holidays. I love that I am able to make their holidays a reality.”