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Although technology and online solutions are often seen as major disruptors in the travel industry, the online travel revolution has also brought about a great number of positive changes.

 Innovative travel agents have embraced the Internet to develop omni-channel strategies that allow their customers to reach them in a seamless way through whatever channel they prefer: online through mobile, tablet and desktop or offline in a store or over the phone. Travel agents can now also better understand their clients’ needs and target each customer individually to deliver efficient and effective services.

 Technology and the availability of an online presence has presented new opportunities for small businesses in the travel sector, allowing them to sell their products globally and at any time. Through social media, travel agents have the possibility to market their agency to a wide audience and to acquire new clients without even leaving the office.

We chatted to some of our travel agents in Nigeria to ask them which Amadeus technologies have made the biggest impact in their work life.

 For David Asuku of Travel Beta ‘the Web Services’ Amadeus introduced are very handy. He says: “It made me realise my need to experience the ecommerce aspect of the travel industry. This has made my work easier and has saved me both money and energy.” 

 As a leader in travel technology, Amadeus has invested heavily in creating solutions that will help travel agents become more efficient and more productive.

 Nwabueze Odimokwu of Kura holdings told us that “with AMBO (Amadeus Mid-Back Office) my work load has reduced considerable!”

 Odimokwu explains that the bank reconciliation aspect and the customer balances generation has been made very easy. Also the accuracy in the management reporting is quite encouraging, he says, adding that the methodology of the input and output has improved considerably with the use of AMBO reporting. Says Odimokwu: “It has improved my time management from customer to management and has reduced the level of work stress.”