Amadeus AQM Workshops
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South Africa’s Amadeus Quality Manager or AQM workshops are in full swing.

The Amadeus team is travelling around Southern Africa to tell agents all about exciting new updates for Transfers, ATAN – Travel Alert Notifier, HotelsPlus and Profiles.

Travel agents will also receive a comprehensive overview on how they can now easily log a case online to handle any possible problems quickly and efficiently.

Informative, bringing you up to speed with new developments, useful for your business. These are just a few ways travel agents in South Africa have described the AQMs so far.

Amadeus sat down with Jorene Sievwright,  Airline Support & Help desk and AQM Manager at Pentravel in Durban, to hear what she had to say about Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, Amadeus Ticket Changer, Productivity Suite and of course about the AQM workshops.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

 The reason why Jorene loves Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is that it introduced travel agents to an Internet-based way of working. “It’s not a code, it’s a web-based platform. As a Learning Support Assistant (LSA), creating new login details for consultants has become a breeze. When consultants phone the helpdesk, I don’t have to stop what I’m doing anymore either, I can open up a new query in a new screen. I can even click a button and view someone’s SmartFlow in a different office.”

 Amadeus Ticket Changer

The helpdesk at Amadeus really listens to our queries and use them to enhance Amadeus Ticket Changer constantly, says Jorene. “ATC means quick and easy re-issues. It’s less stress on the consultant.

Amadeus Productivity Suite

 SmartFlows have become the fun part of my job, laughs Jorene. “Thanks to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, we can ask so many questions within one SmartFlow, it makes my life so much easier. Especially for new consultants, SmartFlows are an incredible help, giving them peace of mind.”

Jorene adds that she is excited that Pentravel will start implementing Quality Monitor soon as well. “All the Amadeus enhancements make the lives of consultants so much easier.”

 AQM Workshops

 “I love being the Amadeus Quality Manager for Pentravel. I love coming to the AQM workshops. I always get excited because I know I’m going to learn something new. AQM workshops are such a fun day out and I get to learn and meet other people and network.”