travel agency app
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 Imagine an easy-to-use, almost ‘addictive’ mobile travel agency app that accompanies the traveller throughout the entire journey. The only app a traveller will need… or even want.

Most online travel agents already have responsive web designs or even apps, but how many have an app that can actually accompany the traveller throughout the journey? According to Amadeus’ study, Online Travel 2020, Evolve, Expand or Expire, travel agents need to start thinking of mobile as a way of life, and not just as merely a platform.

Did you know that reportedly more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush?

The time has come for travel agents to take note, adapt and evolve into mobile travel retailers. And we’ll tell you how you can go about it:

1. Invest in mobile-first technology. Becoming a mobile-first travel retailer will impact every component of your architecture, as each feature will need to be adapted to work better in this channel.

2. Consider relevant chat channels. Your app will need natural language recognition and artificial intelligence logic, specifically designed for travel specific cases.

3. And lastly, your app will need an open payment platform, including alternative methods of payment (AMOP) such as for example m-Pesa in East Africa.

If you consider all the above, your app could soon offer unprecedented opportunities for search and inspiration as well as a full booking flow and the ultimate end-to-end service.

Remember that your travel app needs to go beyond just servicing the traveller, and should include user generated content and other innovative services that will keep inspiring customers for their next trip

When you become a mobile travel retailer, you will be able to disrupt markets with high mobile penetration, present a new way to stay with customers before, during and after a trip and take advantage of further opportunities to sell.

Mobile is a game changer for everyone.