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Paul Ranaivosoa, General Manager of CRTV (Charles Ranaivosa Transit & Travel Agency) in Madagascar, shares with us how Amadeus Selling Platform Connect has helped him become more efficient for his customers.

“Providing the best support for our clients is my passion. That passion involves giving my clients careful attention and meeting their needs and expectations,” he says.

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According to P. Ranaivosoa, the move to Sell Connect is a step forward in Amadeus technology towards better efficiency in providing top quality services.

How has P. Ranaivosa experienced the migration to Sell Connect? Amadeus Vista imposed certain constraints such as program re-installations per workstation. With Sell Connect, this is now a thing of the past.

For P. Ranaivosoa, the main benefit of Sell Connect is that it allows consultants to be a lot more mobile and work from anywhere using their laptop or tablets to access the system. When it comes to dealing with urgent client requests, consultants can now respond in a timely matter, wherever they are,  next to the pool or outdoors.

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Sell Connect can help save travel consultants precious time. Says Ranaivosoa: “When I’m stuck in a traffic jam, my car becomes my office from where I can handle all bookings.”

What’s the final verdict on Sell Connect for Ranaivosoa? “It’s accessible from anywhere, easy to use, reliable and secure. Amadeus Selling Connect is simply pleasant and practical,” he says.