LCC Sustainability Paul de Villiers
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2017 has been an incredibly successful year for bringing relevant content to travel agents in Africa! But more is yet to come…

We chatted to Paul de Villiers about his greatest accomplishments of 2017 and what his dreams and goals are for 2018.

The biggest achievement for Amadeus Africa in 2017, according to Paul, has been the rolling out of Selling Platform Connect. This cloud-based technology has allowed travel agents across Africa to work in an offline or online environment, remotely and even through mobile.

Looking forward to 2018, Paul says Amadeus will be looking at developing beyond the booking business with a special focus on payment solutions. Also, the deployment of mobile technology will be a core focus for the coming year.

Paul further explains that ‘personalisation’ and ‘merchandising’ will be important trends to remember for the travel industry in 2018. These trends will allow airlines to become more profitable, as well as enable travel agents to be very precise in satisfying the needs of their customers.

His wishes for Africa for the coming year? That the oil price reaches a point equilibrium, that we achieve and maintain economic stability and peace in Africa and that African governments support Open Skies.

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