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Amadeus has published its 2013 Global Report detailing a year of further growth in its business, a long- term vision for innovation and a strong commitment to shaping the future of travel in a sustainable manner.

The report integrates the contents of the former Annual Report and the Sustainability Report, and includes a broad range of corporate data and information on the company’s operations and activities during 2013.

It is Amadeus’s ambition to shape the future of travel delivering technology solutions that help the industry grow and succeed. Personalisation, connectivity and sustainability are key to achieving this goal. Amadeus’s commitment to innovation has made it a leader in the global distribution environment and in 2013 the company invested 16.5% of its revenue in R&D and delivered a range of innovative solutions.

These included the launch of the Amadeus Travel Intelligence portfolio to help the industry leverage advances in technology and analytics to transform raw data into actionable information; the launch of Amadeus AirPlus Travel Agency Card – a new virtual payment solution; and the development of VisitEurope – an app for the European Travel Commission incorporating Amadeus’s innovative online search.

Luis Maroto, Amadeus President & CEO, said Amadeus’s continued commercial strength and record financial performance in 2013 has allowed the company to increase value to shareholders.“Amadeus made important progress across both business units:  Distribution and IT Solutions – which continued to show their high quality, resilience and ability to adapt to a changing and competitive market landscape.”

As a global company whose innovative technology keeps the world moving, Amadeus is involved in the travel experience of more than one million travellers daily.

In the future these travellers will demand much more from their travel suppliers from personalising their own itineraries to mitigating the environmental and societal impact of their activities.

Amadeus’s vision as a corporation goes beyond commercial growth. It is committed to making a sustainable contribution to the industries and societies in which it operates and developing a socially responsible and sustainable business.

“Our commitment in the sustainability sphere was recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the second consecutive year. We strongly believe that all these efforts will drive long-term benefits for all of our stakeholders,” commented Luis.

Tomas López Fernebrand, Amadeus’s Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, said Amadeus continued to proactively work to achieve the industry-wide goal of sustainable travel. “We believe this implies meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own travel demands. We are proud to put our industry expertise at the service of this global task,” he said.

Amadeus’s commitment towards social responsibility has continued to develop at local level where employees have contributed with more than 3 500 volunteer hours in 2013.

The company has also launched the flagship Amadeus’ micro donation engine project jointly with UNICEF, allowing travellers who book online to make small donations to UNICEF’s children initiatives at the time of purchasing their flight tickets.

From an environmental perspective, Amadeus’ efforts focus on optimising its operations, and developing efficient customer solutions that help reduce the impact on the environment. Amadeus also continues to collaborate on joint industry initiatives such as working with the International Civil Aviation Organisation towards standardising aviation carbon emission calculations.

The Amadeus Global Report has been granted Application Level A+ by the Global Reporting Initiative, a leading organisation that promotes the use of sustainability reporting as a way for organisations to become more sustainable.

Download the 2013 Amadeus Global Report