Remote Ticketing Solution
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Motivating! This is the one word that best describes Amadeus for Product Specialist Octavie Bolo Bolo. “Working at Amadeus is a truly motivating experience as it enriches your days and life,” she says.

IT engineer by trade, Octavie says she loves the fact that Amadeus is such an innovative technological company. “I’m passionate about technology and love the fact that at Amadeus I can contribute my knowledge to help improve the lives of our clients. It’s fantastic to be able to change people’s lives while working in an industry I love.”

Superpower – Remote Ticketing Solution

Started at Amadeus – 01 June 2010

Hobbies – Spending time with her family, reading and gardening

Octavie started working at Amadeus in 2010 as Account Manager, before becoming part of the Product Team in Central West Africa five years later.  “I have a great number of innovative products in my portfolio, all of which are aimed at making our clients’ lives easier and allowing them to work more efficiently. The products range from mid-office solutions to front office and even online products.”

Although she is knowledgeable about many products, Octavie’s favourite Amadeus solution is Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS). I know this solution inside out and know all its functionalities, she explains. “When either our clients or my colleagues think about RTS, they immediately think about me as well.”

RTS has truly revolutionised the way travel agencies in Central West Africa work, according to Octavie, who describes the solution as a time-saving solution that has not only improved client efficiency but has also made their lives a lot safer.

Octavie explains that before RTS, travel agents in the region often lost a lot of time. “Travel agents were faced with clients in their office and had to ask the client to please be patient because there was a technical problem, or they had to find excuses to gain more time.”

However, where RTS truly made the most important difference is that it has made the travel agents’ lives a lot ‘safer’. “Before RTS existed, travel agents often had to transport huge amounts of money when they needed to pay their consolidators. One client told us he was held up at gunpoint several times while transporting money to the consolidator.”

Although RTS doesn’t allow the travel agent to make online payment, a credit or prepayment registration module is available. This allows the consolidator to manage the payments of the travel agent in an efficient and transparent way.

For Octavie, the greatest challenges in her job are the challenges she sets for herself. “I want to make sure that the clients in our region implement the best products for their needs. Convincing them of the benefits of any product is very satisfying. That’s the challenge I set for myself when we launch a new product or when a new client arrives.”

When she’s not working, this mom of six children likes to spend time with her family. “I come from a large family of 10 brothers and sisters, of which I’m one of the eldest, so it’s probably not surprising that I’m mother to six children myself. The youngest of my children is just 22 months, while the eldest is at university.”

Asked how she manages to combine a demanding career with a busy household, she says: “Although it’s not easy, it’s something that comes natural to me. You just need to be very organised, tell yourself that even if it’s not easy it’s the normal way of life, and you’ll find the courage to handle things.”