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We sat with Birger Bjornhof, General Manager of Amadeus Nigeria and Ghana and chatted about his views on the region. His insights and thoughts can be read below and don’t forget to check out the video.

What is your full name and what ACO are you in charge of?
My name is Birger Bjornhof, I’m Danish and I’m in charge of Amadeus Nigeria and Ghana.

Tell us about your ACO, where are you based and what countries are included in your ACO?
My ACO consists of two countries (Nigeria and Ghana); we have 5 offices, which are staffed by 71 Amadeus staff members.

How would you describe your

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life at Amadeus in three words?
Challenging, exciting and rewarding.

How do you see innovation in travel across the African continent?
Africa is experiencing big changes. I believe LCCs will start playing a more important role in travel within Africa. Of course online travel bookings are also changing the face of travel and mobile on Africa will change the way we book and the way we work.

Which single development would or could have the most influence in your area?
Training for travel agents and agencies will teach agencies how to differentiate themselves from the pack.

What opportunities exist to improve the travel experience in your area?
Amadeus is partnering with travel agencies in Ghana and Nigeria in a unique way. Amadeus works very differently to our competitors and helps travel agencies to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Watch the interview with Birger here.