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Running a business? Be a big fish in a small pond and grow the pond.

On Saturday April 23rd, AMADEUS East Africa in collaboration with Noesis Strategic Institute and Kenya Association of Travel Agents ( KATA) hosted Matthew Kimberley, coach, mentor and Head of School for The Book Yourself Solid, School of Coach Training for a one day seminar in Nairobi at Villa Rosa Kempinski. In a relaxed and good-humoured temper Matthew kick-started his presentation.

Seminar attendees from the travel industry
Seminar attendees from the travel industry

A story of enthusiasm whereby, one keeps falling in and out of love. To succeed in business, you have to do what you do with a smile and fall in love with your customers.


People make investments based on their level of trust. Understand what your customers want and need. Spend time thinking of this. In business, do not confuse professional and corporate: professional means doing what you are meant to do. Strive to stand out in your area of expertise; if you do not, you are the same as the competitor.


Ideal customers are within your target market, thus marketing is most effective when it is relevant. Key tips to running an effective marketing campaign include leveraging on: Networking, referrals and direct outreach all aimed at reinforcing existing relationships and fostering new ones.

Other areas of focus touched on by Matthew included: Personal Branding, Sales, Product Pricing, and Networking. Understanding your personal brand is vital. Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? These are some of the questions to ask especially while running a business in the service industry.

Matthew reinforced that in Personal branding, “It is not about you but who you serve and what you do for them”.

It was evident that seminar was thought provoking as it was of great value to the travel industry players in attendance. Echoing seminar attendees sentiments, Juan Torres General Manager, Amadeus East Africa highlighted that”Amadeus is keen to collaborate with like-minded institutions; assisting them to serve more customers by offering technology solutions and systematic approaches which will enable them to scale their businesses to greater heights. Having Matthew Kimberley here today is a great honour, his session will ensure that we as the travel industry are all aligned to driving the best value”.

Further, Noesis Founder Murtaza Versi added, “Amadeus partnered with Noesis to bring renowned coach Matthew Kimberley to East Africa to share principles that can assist us shape the travel industry and other businesses related to travel in the region. We are currently focusing on markets beyond a single country; we are thinking regionally. Through being open with each other and staying authentic as an industry, we are bound to go far.”’

Murtaza Versi, Matthew Kimberley and Juan Torres at BYS Seminar
Murtaza Versi, Matthew Kimberley and Juan Torres at BYS Seminar

Matthew also hosted the seminar for a second session in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

AMADEUS will always be at the forefront supporting global travel industry and we are dedicated to working with our customers and partners to shape the future of travel.

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