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What if you could have a tool that would not only give you a quick and comprehensive overview of your travel agency sales but that would also allow you to efficiently generate automated professional invoices?
In many travel agencies today, reporting and invoicing remains a time-consuming, high-touch manual activity. That is why Amadeus has rolled out Amadeus Link Report and Amadeus Link Invoice to help you solve the reporting and invoicing conundrum.

Amadeus Link Report 

By creating wonderful personalised experiences for customers, travel agents handle a lot of data and information on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to generate valuable insights about your travel agency operations based on this information?

Thanks to Amadeus Link Report you will not only be able to get an oversight of your operations, you will also be able to create useful reports that will help you make the best decisions for your business in order to achieve your company’s maximum potential. With one quick view, the travel agency owner will be able to see exactly where to dedicate more effort.

Amadeus Link Report gives you access to your company’s sales information in real time on an easy-to-use interface. Directly from your web browser, you can generate different types of filtered reports by carrier, booking, ticketing, passengers, and any currency.

Five different reports exist on Amadeus Link:

The Sales Reports: This report contains all operations which occurred during a selected period.
The General Report: This report contains documents issued during a specific period and indicates the final status of the document.
The Graphic Report: This report uses data from the sales report and contains information of tickets and EMDs that have the status issue/reissue for a specific period. A graphic report may be built according to specifications of a customer (e.g. pie chart).
The Analytic Reports: This report analyses tickets issued and reissued against tickets refunded and then provides a balance between the two. This occurs by means of parameters selected (e.g. Airlines, ticketing, agents, passengers, customers).
Custom Reports: Custom Reports are saved templates that may be used to generate reports over and over.

Amadeus Link Invoice

Getting all the information you need from your clients and compiling professional invoices without mistakes is not only difficult, it is also time-consuming and prevents you from focussing on what is really important: your business and your clients.

Amadeus Link Invoice allows you to easily create company profiles, design personalised trip plans for your travellers and issue invoices quickly.

You can create complete travel orders and invoices that include any kind of content (GDS and non-GDS) that your agency books. You can even include taxes and fees, as well as customise the document with your company’s logo and contact details.

Do you have many repeat travellers? You can store their details and easily pull the details up each time you need to generate an invoice for them.

Don’t hesitate, Link your business today!

 In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you a lot of handy tips on Link Report and Link Invoice. But, if you would already like to have a bit more information, check out our dedicated Link Website.