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In an increasingly connected world, a lot of travel agencies are looking into how to take their travel agency online.

Random fact:

Out of the top 10 sites visited from Kenyan desktops, 4 are social media sites, 3 are betting sites, 2 are adult content and 1 is the google search page. None of the sites was a travel agency site. 

I had a session with a client who wanted to take their agency online. After a few questions, I refused to propose an immediate solution. Instead I suggested that they revisit their objective and review their position at a later date. As I type, we are finalising the implementation of e-Power.

Going online isn’t an instant success. It is not as easy as simply having a booking portal to become the next big OTA overnight. A lot of effort goes into becoming a successful online travel agent. This all boils down to your online strategy.

Random statistic:

Expedia spent a record of US$5.3bn on marketing in 2017.

Every journey begins with a single step.  Below are some tips for starting your online journey. This list is by no means exhaustive.

1. Identify your target market and meet their needs.

Look at what leisure travellers are looking for. Be aware of trends and disruptions in the market.

Solving the flight overbooking problem – Volantio

Chat bots and voice assistants for travel – Destygo

Improving customer experience from refunds to instalments – Misterfly

2. Improve your website

Give your clients the content they want to see. They are not interested in your financial records or your board of directors or any other information about your company, they are interested in travel. Make that the first thing they see on your site.

3. Optimise your website experience

 A lot of potential buyers will be lost if your site takes long to load. Test your site and see if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. If it does,………………………

You can use the link This is a free tool to allow you to see how fast your site responds.

4. Employ a digital online advisor.

If this is too expensive, you can still get lessons for free on the site