Ancillary Services services additionnels
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Do you want to enhance your customer service by offering content parity with the airlines’ own offer and give your customers more choice? Start looking at selling ancillary services!

As travel agents, you can sell these services to boost the satisfaction of your clients. Be aware that although some ancillary services are free, others come at a price.

There is a vast offering of ancillary services available. For this blog, we’ll limit ourselves to the sales of two services only: extra luggage and diabetic meals.

1. How to request additional services?

We will use the SR entry to request all added services within the Special Services Request (SSR).

FXK: allows travel agents to display the catalogue of ancillary services with their description and their code. It is recommended to price the PNR before displaying the catalogue.

1.1 How to request additional paid luggage?


SR = transaction code

ABAG = code of the first extra piece of luggage

-FIRST ADDITIONAL BAGGAGE= dash followed by free text of your choice.

In lines 6 and 7, the forward slash shows that it is a paid service. Also, we notice / S2 then / S3 meaning that the request for extra luggage is made for the round trip.

If this was a request for extra baggage for return only, the booking would be as follows:


System response:

We have seen with these two examples how we can book an ancillary service for paid additional luggage. Without segment option, the system will automatically book this service for the entire trip. It is therefore essential to specify the segment or segments concerned if the service request is not made for the entire route.

1.2. Request a special meal: diabetic meals

HE MEAL then MS22: allows travel agents to have the list of special meal codes

The code for a diabetic meal is DBML

We use the SR input followed by the DBML code to make the request


System response with the service requested on lines 6 and 7. No forward slash in front of these lines, so the requested service is free.

SSR: special service request

DBML: diabetic meal code

AF: Air France company code

HK: Holding confirmed: confirmed request followed by / Sx number of the segment for which the service was requested.

 2.  How to Price the Ancillary Services?

You must first price the PNR file before pricing the ancillary services.

FXH = unconfirmed pricing (no creation of TSM just tariff info)

FXG = confirmed pricing (with creation of TSM)

Let’s review the PNR file with all requested services before pricing

The requested services are displayed from line 6 to 9.

Use FXG to rate and create the TSM

Always save with RFxx; ER

TQM: displays the TSM, ie the fare for the checked luggage.

TQM / M1: Displays the TSM of number 1 if there are more than one.

We note that only the additional baggage service charge was priced. The diabetic meal is free, so there was no creation of TSM.

Finally, let’s ticket the flight and the additional services.

3. How to issue the ticket as well as the ancillary services?

It is possible to issue the ticket and the additional service jointly or you can issue them separately. In the case of a separate issue, the flight ticket must be issued first.

TTP / TTM / RT: joint issue.

TTM / RT: issue of the EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) for paid luggage.

System Answer: OK ETICKET / EMD, is equivalent to the ticket and EMD have been issued.