refund an electronic ticket
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The silly season has arrived… During this busy holiday season – more than during any other time of the year – travellers tend to make last-minute changes.

They’ll decide at the last moment that they want to spend Christmas with family instead of at the beach in Mauritius. Or they heard about that great NYE party in Cape Town and want to change their ticket to party the night away. (Make sure you check out our blog about the best places to celebrate NYE 2018/2019 on Amadeus Africa during the last week of December).

Guess who they’ll turn to for these changes? That’s right: their trusted travel agent.

Luckily, we’ll share some tips with you on how to easily refund and electronic ticket.

You can refund electronic tickets that have a status code O (open) or A (airport control). Don’t forget: the Office Profile Record Indicator (ARF) in your office profile must be set to Yes.

Refund transactions automatically search for the original ticket sale data that is stored in the Central Ticket System Document Database and use it to populate refund records.

Ticket sale data is available for a period of six months. If the ticket was issued more than six months before, the system automatically queries the validating carriers Electronic Ticket Database for retrieval of the original electronic ticket data. If no electronic data is found, a blank refund record is provided for manual completion.

You can indicate a refund for electronic tickets using any of these three methods.

TRF037-12345678900 Refund by ticket number
TRF037-12345678900/FULL/CP750.00A  Refund by ticket number with ZAR750.00 cancellation penalty
TRF/L6 Refund by FA line number in the PNR
TRF/I-378 Refund by item number on the Query Report

You can process a full refund by adding the /FULL option to your entry. (This will refund the total ticket amount so remember to always add the applicable cancellation penalty in the entry).

The Refund Record is displayed:

refund an electronic ticket

If the electronic ticket has been partially used, the remaining open coupons are identified and used with the original sale data to populate the refund record. If this is a partial refund, you must update the data to show the fare used, and include any cancellation penalty or cancellation commission data.

To process the refund and have the data reflected on your Query Report, enter:


The System responds with the following message:refund an electronic ticket

Note: The Settlement Authorization Code (SAC) is returned in the Authorization field.

The refund is shown on the Query Report with the code RFND.

refund an electronic ticket

The System bypasses the Automated Refund Record, and returns the system message:



This error message is displayed if the fare used is not less than or equal to the fare paid amount.