e-ticket receipt
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Would you like to issue an e-ticket receipt for your clients without the pricing details? Thanks to Amadeus this is now possible.

Once a flight ticket has been issued, an agent may choose to issue a traveller with either an itinerary or e-ticket receipt.

An itinerary (IEP) typically doesn’t show any pricing, whereas a traditional e-ticket receipt (ITR) generally would show fare information

It is now possible to issue a e-ticket receipt without showing pricing or fare information.
This e-ticket receipt (ITR) will contain full itinerary information plus fare basis information and baggage allowance.

To obtain an e-ticket receipt without any pricing, an agent may add command RMZ/CONF*NOFEE in the reservation and save accordingly.

After they have added this command, the travel agent can then perform the standard command to issue a e-ticket receipt (e.g. ITR-EML-email address). This will ensure that an e-ticket receipt gets issued without any pricing.