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What if you were able to have a clear picture of new markets before they expand? What if you could easily see booking trends in real-time? What if you could benchmark yourself not only against the performance of the market, but like-for-like agencies too?

The phrase “knowledge is power” applies to the travel industry today more than ever before. Travel options are constantly changing as routes grow and decrease in use; having access to not only this information, but analysis of what this information means, will help travel agents better understand market trends and how to appeal to more travellers.

Travel agents can understand travellers and improve their position in the market by leveraging data and targeting the right people at the right time. Search Analysis and Booking Analysis, the first two modules of the Agency Insight product suite from the Amadeus Travel Intelligence business unit, were specifically developed for this. This helps travel agents see the bigger picture and make the best business decisions.

Search Analysis gives travel agencies instant insights into their customer’s travel intentions. This means agencies will be able to understand when and where travellers want to go and how far in advance they’re searching for flights. They can use this information to more accurately market to potential travellers. Customers will enjoy customised landing pages with relevant content, and offers that are tailored to better reflect demand.

Booking Analysis takes data and analyses to give travel agents more information. It shows booking trends in a market analysed by origin, destination, and airline, which helps identify growing routes.

What if you could measure true productivity and optimise front office performance? What if you could access a wide range of daily performance reports related to bookings, PNRs, segments, and tickets organised by the individual consultant, account or corporation?

Following on from Search Analysis and Booking Analysis, Productivity Tracker provides an easy way for travel agencies to monitor, manage and optimise their own performance. Over 20 travel agents across the region are already using Productivity Tracker. Through a 24/7 live data feed based on Amadeus booking data, these travel agents are able to analyse their own operations in real-time, gain valuable insights and improve productivity.