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We all know personalisation is the key to success for TMCs and travel agents for years to come. And now that our clients are always connected, always ‘on’, we can reach out to them at any time and any place. Who needs sleep, right?

Luckily, Beacon Technology can come to the rescue to help us provide ‘connected’ passengers with personalised services based on their location.

Are your clients delayed in an airport they don’t know? Depending on where in the airport they are, they’ll get a quick notification about where they can grab a bite to eat along with a menu of the restaurants in the vicinity. They’ll also be kept in the loop about the progress of their journey with a few beeps on their phone and get real-time assistance on how to find their way. They can even expect visual directions with walk times to find their gate.

It won’t come as a surprise that passengers are quite keen for this new technology to really take off. According to SITA’s The Future is Connected, over 90% of travellers expressed interest in using new mobile services such as flight updates, bag collection updates, scanning their mobile phone for access, using their phone for ID, airport maps and directions. In fact, broadly 60% or more said they would definitely use these services.

And airports and airlines are listening. More than half of airports and airlines worldwide expect to be using beacon technology at check-in, bag-drop, security, in dwell areas, and boarding by 2018.

But are you, the TMC, also listening?

You see, according to the study, the next steps for the industry will be to provide travellers with a richer selection of travel information throughout their journey – not just the airport.

Talk about an overload of information! It will become increasingly important for the industry to ensure that passengers are not bombarded with offers and information. And therefore, everyone will need to work together.

As the TMC, it is important to develop an effective beacon strategy to help your clients. It will allow you to make better recommendations to your customers depending on where they are. And, you’ll also be perfectly positioned to help them make sense of the information overload madness. They’ll want to receive messages about their journey from a source they can trust. And who is better placed to deliver that to them than you?