Amadeus chatbot
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Imagine how much easier your day would be if you would be able to get an immediate answer to all your questions at the click of a button!

It can be pretty frustrating for travel agents to have to pick up the phone each time they have a question about their booking platform. Or to have to waste time sending an e-mail and waiting for a response.

Amadeus chatbotThat is why Amadeus decided to create Amanda. Smart, helpful and polite … Amanda is able to give you answers to any questions you may have about your travel platform on the spot. Sounds like the dream colleague, doesn’t it?

This friendly Amadeus chatbot is the latest member of the Amadeus customer service team. She doesn’t sleep and is available 24/7 to answer all your questions. Amanda lives on Selling Platform Connect and pops up on the right-hand of the screen to greet you.

Ask her a simple question – for example, how can I issue a ticket – and you will get an answer in two seconds with links to useful documents.  If you are stuck with a reservation and want to know the next step, she can assist you. Or, if you want information about products or news, just ask Amanda.

Skeptical that a chatbot can answer your questions? Rest assured, Amadeus spent a lot of time testing Amanda extensively and she’s pretty good at answering clear and simple questions. If she’s not sure what you are asking her, she will prompt you for more information. If you are not happy with her answer, just let us know and we can reprogram the question.

Amanda is sure to become your new best friend at Amadeus so don’t be afraid to try her out. You’re going to get quicker answers than sitting and thinking about it or calling us.

Do you have more questions? You can find additional information about Amanda here.