International Happiness Day
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Time to be happy… it’s International Happiness Day!

Happiness may be one of the most subjective concepts to measure, but making other people’s dreams come true can come pretty close to the definition of a happy job.

And, that’s exactly what travel agents do day in, day out.

We chatted to travel agents in Africa to find out what makes them happy…

Sending People on their Dream Holiday

“I would have to say my happiest moment was when I had a family come into my office for their daughter’s fifth birthday. All she wanted was to meet a real-life princess. I booked them a trip to spend a few nights in Euro Disney in Paris, and when they returned she ran into my office with a little Cinderella key ring and hugged me saying: ‘Thank you for making my dreams come true, I met a real-life princess’. Then, I heard the whole story and saw pictures. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside,” says Bridget Marshall, Leisure Consultant Club Travel.

“I love the job I have. It makes me happy: both the highs and the lows. It all is a great gift.
Sending people on their holidays is one of the most happiest jobs I could think of,” says Club Travel’s Sarah Thom.

Changing Perceptions


Bukola Aliu, CEO Rock Springs Travels and Tours, says her happiest moment was when she changed a client’s perception about Nigeria. He was a Russian citizen and had a very negative view on Africa, and especially Nigeria.

Bukola took him on a day tour, showing him everything Lagos had to offer. “At the end of the day, he was happy and promised to come back. It was one of my happiest moments. That single act of doing what I love doing best changed someone’s negative thoughts about my country and I gained a friend and a client. That definitely made me happy and still brings a very big smile to my face whenever I remember it,” she says.

Earning Awards in the Travel Industry

“The moment I heard my name called as a Diners Club ASATA Corporate Accounts Manager was my happiest  moment.  The fact that travel colleagues had judged and deemed me good enough was just awesome!” says Rachael Penaluna, Business Manager Sure Maritime Travel.

Being selected for Incentive Trips

“I have had so many happy moments, but one of my happiest memories is Pentravel’s year-end Awards Function in 2010. That night I made it into the top 10 for the first time and also made the Club Incentive…  It really was the highlight for me, as it was the first time I had ever made the Top 10 and I did not expect it.” says Rozanne Botha, Pentravel Elite Travel Expert.

She adds: ““I felt very honoured to be among the top consultants of Pentravel that I had so much respect for and looked up to my whole career…  And to stand there among them was an amazing feeling.  And then obviously – being in the Club, I had the opportunity to take my husband on his first overseas holiday, and that was so special.”

For Genine De Witt,  Independent Travel Consultant (ITC) Club Travel Durbanville, Cape Town, travel incentives are a highlight of her career. She explains: “A few years ago, a few consultants in the leisure office had to draw straws for a Bali Educational, and I drew the shortest straw and got to go on that trip!”

Amadeus makes you happy…

Amadeus is passionate about keeping travel consultants happy by providing them with the technology that allows them to do what they do best: making other people’s dreams come true. Each Amadeus tool will help you work faster, smarter and more productively – not to mention boost your (and your customers’) happiness quotient.

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