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Hello Folks, one might be wondering if Amadeus Ghana has given back to society and the environment in which it operates…YES it does.

Fourteen (14) years’ operating in Ghana, Amadeus has contributed and supported activities that aim to enhance the livelihood of the people and society in which it operates. The organization supports by giving things such as items for flood victims in the Northern Ghana.

In 2010 the call on the organization to invest more in the society heightened. With the able leadership of the GM, Mr. Bjornhof, the Dzorwulu special school was adopted for our CSR. One might be asking why that place?

Not only is the school closer to the organization, the inhabitants really need the love and care to give them hope with their daily lives. “What is it to life if we cannot impact positively on the lives of those less privileged” says Linka, the country manager.

Join Amadeus Ghana and help raise awareness for other causes…comments and suggestions are welcome.