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Amadeus agents benefitsAltéa is Amadeus’ airline passenger services system. Officially called the Amadeus Altéa Suite, it consists of a three-module solution that manages reservations, inventory, and departures for all involved in getting passengers on board. The three modules are:

    • Amadeus Altéa Reservation
    • Amadeus Altéa Inventory
    • Amadeus Altéa Departure Control System

Why do you need to get onboard?

The Amadeus Altéa system was a solution developed through identifying and eliminating all the problems travel agents and airlines come across with our shared technology system.

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We want travel agents and airlines to be on the same page.

This means that travel agents can visually see, for example, the seats available on a particular flight, the cost for seats, and all other related information, instantaneously. The information that is being displayed is the exact information that is being used

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by the airlines, so any updates, changes to schedules or pricing, availabilities and any other issues are accessible in real time, reducing any margins for error and saving time for passengers, airlines, and agents in having to confirm and reconfirm information and any changes that may result.

This sharing is also applied to the Passenger Number Record (PNR). When a travel agency books an airline using Altéa, only one PNR is generated across various Altéa airlines and travel agents, which means that accurate information and changes for a particular passenger is recorded and can be used across

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different agents and airlines. For example, if there are changes to be made at any point in a booking or itinerary, you can pick up right where someone else has left off, without any unnecessary hassle and paperwork.

Our advanced technology is user-friendly, intuitive, and speedy. Response times to special service requests are almost instantaneous and are saved in the system to be used across all Altéa carriers, and for future reference.

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