Amadeus Selling Platform Connect
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Travel agents love Amadeus Selling Platform Connect for many reasons, but one reason stands out during this Festive Season. You can work from absolutely anywhere…

So, if you’re reading this blog from the (dis)comfort of your desk and ‘hating’ your colleague’s holiday Instagram snaps, it’s time to make some changes… You see, you can access your favourite travel platform from any device or place.

We decided to reach out to some of our travel agent clients across Africa and ask them from where they will be working in December (or from where they wish they could be working…)

The sunny beaches of Mauritius

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect“I would love to work on the beautiful beaches of Mauritius if I could!! Amadeus Connect is amazing. It gives peace of mind knowing you can log on at any time if you need to!
I think this is especially true for Shop Managers over this dreaded December Travel period!” says Pentravel’s Elite travel expert Mel Tester from South Africa.

Sharing the holiday joy with the kids

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect“I will be working from our Holiday home on the Breede River so that I can still be around my kids while they are on holiday having fun. With Amadeus Connect this is totally possible which is amazing!” says Carolyn Fall, Pentravel Elite Travel Expert in South Africa.

Enjoying the wildlife in Botswana

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect“The location from where I would like to work during the upcoming festive season is Botswana,” says Alberta Allen, Director General Euro Tour in Accra.

“Connecting with clients and facilitating new travel plans is simple with Amadeus Connect. I am not limited to just finding air travel as through Amadeus Connect, I have access to a wide range of global services. The ability of the platform to be tailored towards the needs of EuroTour means we can stand out – even when we’re on holiday.”

From the comfort of home

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect“I would like to work from home and I am already planning towards that,” laughs Bukola Aliu, CEO Rock Springs Travels & Tours in Nigeria.

“Although I cut off from work during the Christmas holidays, we do have one staff member who is on call. However, thanks to Amadeus Connect, they can now work from home and reservations can continue undeterred,” says Patrick Kamanga, Amadeus Africa Shujaa and MD Deans Travel Centre in Kenya.

Next to the pool…

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect“I am taking leave, but if I have to log on, it will be from my bedroom deck overlooking Sardinia Bay conservancy and the sea from the comfort of my lounger with a G and T in hand!” laughs Rachael Penaluna, Business Manager Sure Maritime Travel in South Africa.

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