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 Did you know that most travellers between the ages of 20 and 30 years have never set foot in a physical travel agency?

The digital native generation of today has never had the need to visit a travel agent, simply because they’re so used to finding everything online.

Does this mean that all is lost for the future and you better close your agency doors? Not at all!

Amadeus research shows that today’s youngsters might be hyper-connected digital natives, but they miss having a physical and human connection in this digitalised world. This presents a huge opportunity for travel retailers around the world.

Pascale Caron, Associate Director Global Consulting & Pre-Sales Amadeus, explains in Amadeus’ latest research paper, The Travel Retailer of the Future: “Travellers are driving change and forcing providers to evolve their business models to meet new challenges. In response, travel retailers are evolving too and are adopting new ways of interacting with younger generations.”

To help travel retailers think outside the box, Amadeus collaborated with eight students aged between
18 and 22 years old from The Sustainable Design School in Nice, France. They came up with four exciting new ways to combine the digital and human aspects of travel retail.

1. Share & Go

Share & Go is a mobile application that links the traveller to the Travel Organisation Manager (TOM). What is a TOM I hear you ask? A “designer of travel experiences”, a TOM is passionate, dedicated, reliable, friendly and hyper-connected. You can count on him to give you the right advice as he’s from the same generation: of course, he is a digital native as well.

2. QUA



If digital natives don’t go to the travel agency, let the travel agency go to them! QUA can best be described as a tiny travel agency; it’s a solar-powered capsule that provides a virtual 360-degree experience, attracting your attention from the street thanks to interactive screens on the outside.



3. Take Me Along

Imagine a bus where people can hop on/off to help them find the type of vacation that matches their profile. They will enjoy a full physical and virtual journey with a small group of their friends while going from A to B.


Imagine a new agency experience starting the moment you walk into the store, with interactive screens displaying different destinations

The main insights of the Amadeus study are that Generations Y and Z want to be inspired, and informed as well as have a full emotional experience. As a travel retailer, the future is yours to decide – and this is just the beginning. So, let’s shape the future of travel together.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll chat to industry players in Africa to see how they have adapted to the new generation of digital natives.