Africa myths
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Here we are in 2017 where practically the entire world is open to explore, not just via the World Wide Web, but through personal experience.

Yet, despite the relative ease of travel and the magnitude of information available, there are still some interesting and some really bizarre myths floating around about the “country called Africa”.

Here are some of the more interesting Africa myths we’ve encountered and yes, we do dare you to share, giggle and perhaps enlighten those you may encounter who do perhaps not know any better.

 1. A country?

The myth: Africa is a single country

The facts: Africa is not one single country, but a continent consisting of 54 very diverse and independent countries.

Countries with their own currencies, flags, national anthems and cultures where more than 2,000 languages are spoken and where four of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies can be found.

To add some perspective, if Europe, the USA, India, China and Japan were to be combined, they would all actually fit in to Africa.

2. What’s your lion’s name?

 The myth: People keep wild animals as pets and they roam freely in the streets.

 The facts: While we are very proud of our offering of diverse and unique wildlife and ocean life, the chances of meeting someone’s pet lion or for someone to keep a seal in their backyard in the city or suburban areas are quite unlikely.

Special emphasis and effort is put toward nature and wildlife conservation throughout Africa, which means that reserves and national parks play an important role in keeping the people and animals of Africa safe.

 3. Never a rainy day

The myth: The weather is always hot in Africa

The facts:  The diversity of the varying landscapes within Africa means that the weather fluctuates with some countries having rainy and dry seasons and some even snow in winter.  There are ski resorts in Morocco and quite a few other African countries.


 4. Ever heard of a smartphone?

Myth:  Africa has no access to modern technology

The facts: This cannot be farther from the truth. Technology in Africa is actually an incredibly fast growing market, with many global technology giants making big investments in the continent.  It can even be said that Africa would be lost without modern technology and that we boast some of the thought leaders in this sphere who are opening up digital cultural spaces or working to bring in investment for tech startups.

 5. Safari, safari, safari

Myth: Safaris are the only activity Africa has to offer

The facts: Yes, an African safari is a truly amazing experience, however this is not where the fun and excitement ends. City to bush or beach, adrenaline packed, luxury to authentic, Africa offers something for everyone.

From skydiving in Swakopmund to the adrenaline rush on a visit to Victoria Falls, bungee jumping or white-water rafting, Africa is a place for the adventurous at heart. Alternatively opt for a more leisurely pace visiting Cape Town’s wine routes or indulge in the rich flavours of the cuisine Mozambique.

Africa will not disappoint.