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Floyd “Money” Mayweather remains unbeaten for 48 fights. This has got to be the best tactical player in the sport right now. He outwitted his feisty opponent to accumulate points and at least take us through 12 Rounds of the fight of the century. To be honest, it was a boring fight. But the promotion was unbelievable. They had people who have no clue about boxing talking about it. Memes were all over social media with “fans” aligned to Manny or Money taking a stab at one another. This has got to be one of the greatest campaigns of all time. Take a look at the figures, the projected revenue based on 3 million Pay per view buys was $400M that according to HBO PPV is larger than the GDP of 29 Countries. Ticket revenue of $74M exceeds 6 games of the 2013 world-series at $62.6M(Americans are the only ones who have a world series that takes place nowhere else but America) and super bowl XLIX live gate ($60M). For 36 Minutes of action, that was one hell of a promotion.

Back to my home Kenya. Tourism has hit an all-time low in Kenya. One of our biggest foreign exchange earners has been affected, hotels are making less profits while others are closing down. With Insecurity issues, and Ebola scares going around the world, countries like Kenya have fallen victim to Travel advisories discouraging tourists from visiting. Instead they are opting to go into Tanzania and South Africa.
Before I continue, I’d like to get some things off my chest. Africa is not one big country with free movement of its citizens. Second, Ebola was physically closer to Europe than it was to Kenya. This could explain why it allegedly reached Spain and never got to Kenya.

Travel agencies need to sell more than just the beaches and the big five. Nairobi has been ranked the number 1 party town in Africa. We have history to share and Kenya is the land where the world’s greatest athletes hail from. A country so diverse that we have 42 different languages, The Big five, Beaches, Mountains and being on the equator, our weather is unmatched. Oh and your travel insurance is now covered. What more do you want?

Outside Kenya, insurance companies are now not providing travel insurance to countries that have certain travel advisories against them. My hat goes off to AIG insurance for taking a leap and launching inbound insurance that covers Terrorism. Yes they actually do. And together with AMREF, they also provide medical evacuation for the affected. So while the rest are looking for a person to blame, AIG has taken responsibility and decided to eliminate one main obstacle. If you are out there reading this and would like to come into East Africa, AIG has got you covered.