Gbemisola Ope
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Human Resource Manager for Amadeus in Nigeria and Ghana, Gbemisola Ope shares some insights with us about herself and her career at Amadeus.

Describe yourself in one word: Me

Favourite movie? Sound of Music

Tea or coffee? Tea

First app you open in the morning? Instagram

Three songs on your playlist: All over, If, African Queen

Last time you had a good laugh… Everyday

Someone you looked up to when you were a kid? Oprah

What makes you proud of Africa? Culture

What keeps you busy during the weekends?  My kids

First memory at Amadeus? My interview

Where would you take colleagues to dinner? My house

A current project that keeps you up at night?  none

If you could travel anywhere in the world…  Bali

Your favourite place in Africa? Nigeria

Window or aisle? Window

Favourite airport? Dubai International Airport