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Africa World Airlines (AWA) will for the first time show its inventory on the GDS and has chosen Amadeus as its very first GDS partner.

Travel agents who have clients who are flying to Accra, Kumasi, Lagos or even Tamale, can now simply log in to their Amadeus platform and they’ll have access to AWA’s full inventory. Now they’ll have the competitive edge!

Travel agents are critical to AWA’s future growth and expansion, according to the airline. And, if you’ve followed the rise of AWA in Africa, you’ll know they have very ambitious international plans. Not only does AWA have its eye on increasing its substantial share of the sub-regional market, it has also set its eyes on the US….

Mr. Cheng Luo, CEO of AWA said: “We are well established in the Ghanaian market and are ready to expand our regional operations within the sub-region. Having entered into a commercial agreement with South African Airways to operate flights to the US, we are looking to use such alliances and collaborations to expand our network worldwide. The travel agency channel is a critical component to supporting our growth to reach more international travellers. We are pleased to partner with Amadeus to give the world’s largest network of travel agencies access to our fares.”