Aviation Opportunities in Africa
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Harnessing Aviation Opportunities in Africa – this was the theme of the 7th Aviation Stakeholders Convention (ASC) held in Zanzibar from 08 to 10 April.

The ASC is an initiative of the African Aviation Association (AFRAA) to bring together operators and service providers with the view to foster dialogue, build sustainable networks in supply chain management, create a competitive environment for business and improve the aviation support base in the African continent.

In the opening speech for the 7th edition of the three-day conference hosted by AFRAA and co-hosted by Air Tanzania, the official carrier of the event, Zanzibar’s President Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein advocated the development of vibrant Africa’s Aviation Sector.

Amadeus was one of the key partners of the event, sponsoring the networking coffee on Day 1, moderating a panel discussion led by Pierre-Louis Chouette on what airlines should do to ensure commercial excellence, and facilitating one of the two master classes at the event.

Topics covered during the convention were around growth and profitability in a liberalised environment, use of data to transform aviation business or effective implementation of a single African air transport.

Jennifer Moraes led the Amadeus Master Class on “New ways for airlines to distribute and personalise with NDC”. The session focused on new trends and best practices for airlines to optimise their distribution to travel agencies.

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Messages from Key Stakeholders

“It is sad that 80 percent of African market is commanded by non-African carriers…time is ripe for us to be on the driver’s seat,” – Zanzibar’s President Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein. The Zanzibar President insisted that the aviation industry plays a significant role in accelerating economic growth and providing various economic and social benefits.

The African Airlines Association (AFRAA) Secretary-General Mr. Abderahmane Berthé stressed that the aviation sector is an important contributor to economic development in Africa by increasing trade activities and enabling faster and easier movement of passengers and goods. He, however, said there were several challenges including high costs of operation and competition from non-African carriers.

Mr. Raphael Kuuchi, IATA Vice President for Africa, said governments must implement programmes to support the development of the aviation sector. Mr. Kuuchi added that Africa should also address the infrastructure crisis, which is looming, especially as demand for air transport continues to grow. He warned that development plans are not ambitious enough to accommodate the 7.2 billion passengers expected in the next 20 years.

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