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Hello Partners, It’s been a long journey for the world cup and it has now come to a wonderful end. I would like to use this medium to congratulate Germany for lifting the cup.

Many might have started thinking that if Ghana had played our cards well we might have been smiling like Germany is doing now. Nonetheless let’s look at some of the lessons leant from Germany on the field of play and off the field of play.

The last time Germany lifted the cup was 15 years ago (1990). After that episode they have struggled as a country to come that close again. They never relented in getting the right things done right. They studied every failure and adjusted in every competition they engaged themselves in since 1990, and for the good lessons they kept implementing.

On the field of play Germany played as a team compared to Argentina. Team building has been the key to Germany’s success story. They have been resilient as a country and never gave up on their coach who had not won any major competition since 2006 when he was appointed.

Folks don’t give up on your current business as the Travel business in Ghana is not yielding the anticipated results. All we would like you to do is to keep your LESSONS BOOK open documenting all great lessons both good and bad. Try to modify all mistakes and keep learning all good lessons.

It is time to learn from Germany from both off the pitch and on the pitch. Let’s try to apply these lessons unto our business today and surely over a long period of hard work and innovation we will get there.

Take a look at an interview with one of our partners:

Please tell us about yourself. When were you founded?
Kenpong Travel and Tours was founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of Kenpong Group of companies. Believing in value, the company has strived to equate value to money and therefore does not underplay value.

As an official FIFA World Cup travel agency facilitating travel to Brazil, can you tell us what type of packages you are offering?

Kenpong Travel and Tours had a two tier packages:
• Basic Package ( Visa acquisition, economy class seat, 14 day accommodation in a 2* hotel, internal travels, match tickets and Travel insurance.
• Corporate Packages (visa acquisition, business and economy seat on a charter flight, 14 day accommodation, match tickets, internal airlifts and Travel Insurance.

How did you delivery your customers a personlised service to, and during the FIFA World Cup? Are there any special services customers are asking for?
Our clients were a mixture of middle class and top class citizens and therefore other tour packages were arranged for them in brazil depending on which package they signed up to.

Have there been any challenges and how are you overcoming these challenges? What could be improved?
Our major challenge was visa acquisition and how these traveling populist will comply with the traveling rules of the Brazil. Planning was intense therefore we encountered little or no challenge in Brazil

How is technology playing a role in facilitating travel to Brazil and what do you require from a technology partner?
Since we charted some aircraft, Amadeus did well to synchronize it with our internal system.

Who do you think will win the FIFA World Cup?
We wanted the Netherlands to win but we say congratulations to Germany.