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11 December 2017 , 1:53 pm

Amadeus Tip: Show/Hide or Run/Stop Smart Flows

Smart Flows

Amadeus Productivity Suite is a fantastic tool that allows you to significantly reduce errors by helping you do even the most complex tasks in a matter of minutes without any mistakes…

We’ve shown you how to create and edit smart flows last week. This week, we’ll give you tips on how to show or hide or how to run or stop Smart Flows.

How to show a Smart Flow?

1. In the Smart Flow List, select the Smart Flow that you want to activate.

2. Click on Show in “Your Smart Flows”. Alternatively, select the Show in “Your Smart Flows” check box in the Smart Flow Editor.

How to hide a Smart Flow?

1. In the Smart Flow List, select the Smart Flow that you want to hide.

2. Click on Hide from “Your Smart Flows”.

The hidden Smart Flow is no longer available in the Your Smart Flows menu on the main toolbar but can still be triggered by Smart Triggers and called by Quality Monitor rules.

How to delete a Smart Flow?

1. Select the Smart Flow that you want to delete in the Smart Flow List.

2. Click on Delete

3. In the Delete Smart Flow pop-up window, click on Delete to confirm the deletion.

4. Warning: when deleting an Office-level Smart Flow, please make sure that Smart Flow is not in use by a Quality Monitor rule or a Smart Trigger. Else you risk blocking the agent in their booking flow.

How to run a Smart Flow from the main toolbar?

1. Click on Your Smart Flows on the main toolbar of Selling Platform Connect to display the list of active Smart Flows.

2. Click on the link for the Smart Flow that you want to run.

What happens when a Smart Flow is run?

When you run a Smart Flow from outside the Command Page, the application switches to the Command Page while the Smart Flow is running.

If several Booking Files are open when you run a Smart Flow, the Smart Flow only affects the active Booking File.

When you run a Smart Flow, the commands that are sent by the Smart Flow are echoed in the Command Page.

How to Stop a Smart Flow?

1. Run a Smart Flow. See How to run a Smart Flow from the main toolbar on page 30. A prompt appears to confirm that the selected Smart Flow is running.

2. Click on Stop.

Note: You can only stop a Smart Flow when there is a prompt available.

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