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Do you know how to make a booking from All Fares on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect? With our latest Amadeus Tip we’ll tell you exactly how to go about it.

Note: If you exit All Fares to modify the Booking File during a booking, you must restart the complete booking flow when you return to All Fares.

1. Search for a fare. For more information, refer to How to search for a fare using All Fares in the related links section.

2. On the search results display, use the Filters option to refine your results. For more information, refer to How to filter your All Fares results in the related links section.

3. Select the flights you want to book.

This will provide the baggage allowance and fares information (except for TLA and non-GDS carriers). For example, it provides the cancellation or modification fee, or whether baggage is included in the fare or not.

Note: Depending on the carrier, the baggage allowance may be defined by maximum weight or number of pieces allowed.

4. To view the fare information:

  • Click on the fare in the blue menu bar to view the fare information.
  • Click on Fare conditionsto view the fare conditions.
  • Click on Fare detailsto view the ticket image.
  • Click on the Fare family nameto view the full fare family description.

5. To proceed with your selection, click on Book.

6. On the Traveller and Payment page, enter the traveller and payment information.

If there is an active Booking File, traveller information is prefilled in the required fields.

Note: If you are booking an Interjet flight and the form of payment is by American Express card you will need to specify a full address and zip code.

7. If Open Profile Suite is enabled, you can transfer a profile to the Traveller and Payment page:

  • Click on Retrieve profile.
  • Enter the search criteria and click on Search.
  • Select the profile in the search results and click on Transfer.

8. When a website fare has been selected, click on Update Price to update the credit card and services fees. This step is mandatory before finalising the booking.

Note: The website fares are booked on the low cost carrier’s website. Once booked, they cannot be cancelled or modified via the Amadeus GDS.

9. To confirm the booking, click on Send reservation request.

A complete breakdown of the booking is provided showing any additional fees. The TST reflects the local currency and the currency of the fare basis, regardless of the currency used during the fare search.

10. To complete the booking, click on Go to Booking File.

Note: If you are reserving a website fare with the Pay Later option, the booking will be held for 24 hours depending on the airline website and will automatically be cancelled by the carrier once this time limit is reached. A TKTL element will be associated to the ghost segment in the Booking File.