automated refund
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Did you know that 5-10% of all airline tickets issued are refunded, resulting in an estimated 350,000-500,000 refund transactions globally each month?

The reality is that most travellers tend to make last-minute changes. They’ll decide at the last moment that they want to spend time with family in Europe instead of at the beach in Mauritius for the July holidays. Or they heard about that great Christmas in July party in Cape Town and want to change their ticket to go and check it out.

Guess who they’ll turn to for these changes? That’s right: their trusted travel agent.

Last time, we showed you how you can easily refund a ticket without penalty. This week, we’ll focus on the tickets with penalty.

Full automatic refund with penalty

For this type of refund, special conditions apply that carry a penalty even if the ticket has not been used. Follow the steps below to process this type of refund:

Step 1:

Determine the amount of the penalty based on the tariff note

Step 2:

Display the refund file of the document
automated refund

Step 3:

Insert the amount (or rate) of the penalty. The penalty can be either a fixed amount or it can be a rate or percentage.

When the penalty is a FIXED amount, insert it by typing TRFU / CP60000A (60000 = amount of the penalty and A after the figure means AMOUNT

automated refund

When the penalty is a percentage (in rare cases), insert it by typing TRFU / CP25. 25 represents the amount of the percentage to be deducted.

Step 4: TRFP

This transaction triggers the refund file.
automated refund

TJQ Transactions of the agency

-TKTT: selling electronic ticket
-CNJ: Joint ticket
-CANX: manual cancellation of a sale by the user
-CANN: automatic cancellation by the system following a technical block
-RFND: automatic refund made by user
-RFNX: cancellation of the automatic refund