Automatic refund
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After-sales should be a focus for any travel agent and especially the automatic refund of tickets. This shouldn’t be confused with Amadeus Ticket Changer reimbursements. There are normally four cases of automatic ticket refunds. These cases are: full refund without penalty; full refund with penalty; partial refund and tax refund only.

In this blog, we will focus on the first case:

Automatic refund without penalty

An issued ticket can be fully refunded if the applicable conditions allow it. It is therefore necessary first to take the time to read all the conditions before any action. This refund means that all taxes collected are also to be refunded. This case is treated in a simple way. Follow the steps below to complete it:

a- View the refund file
The basic format for displaying any refund file is TRF (read: Ticket Refund)
The display can be made from a PNR by inputting TRF / L6 (L6 = ticket number line) or by using the ticket number by inputting: TRF057-1234567890 (057-1234567890 = ticket number) or by using the sequence number of the ticket to be refunded: TRF / I-003 (003 = corresponds to the sequence number).

b – Proceed to the refund
After the first step of posting the refund voucher, the refund is processed with the TRFP transaction.

Let’s recap the steps taking the example with the ticket number:
a- TRF057-1234567890


As you can see, these are two very simple steps: view the file and proceed with the refund.

Note that it is possible to refund this document without simply displaying it with the entry
TRF057-1234567890 / FULL

To know how to do a full refund with penalties, stay tuned for next week’s tip.