Fare Families
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Fare families are a great way for travel agents to help service travellers even faster.  It allows travel agents to help their customers navigate complex travel choices, by identifying and recommending the best fare to each customer, all based on their individual needs.

But, what happens if you need to reprice the customer’s ticket?

Thanks to Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC), travel agents are able to target fare families and be sure that the right range of service is associated to the reissued ticket.

  • FXQ/FF  to request the same fare family(ies) as the one(s) requested at first pricing time
  • FXQ/FF-fare family name  to target a given fare family  

These options also allow segment selection : FXQ/FFn   or   FXQ/FFn-fare family name

If there is no segment association in the fare family field, the fare family option applies for all segments in the PNR.

Both options are combinable with each other and with all ATC repricing entries :


  1. First pricing is done with fare family selection; fare family BIZSVR is targeted:


Fare Families

  1. PNR updated and repriced with fare family option.
    BIZSVR is targeted for first segment, BIZ for second segment:


Fare Families                         Fare Families

Two new warning messages appear on top of the repricing panel:

1. FARE FAMILIES: (FOR MORE DETAILS: FQFn) – this warning message informs the agent that entry FQFn (n being the recommendation number) can be used to display definition of the fare family(ies) used for the repricing.

2. SERVICE MAY HAVE CHANGED – PLEASE CHECK NEW CONTRACT – this warning message warns the agents that conditions associated to each fare families might have changed between first pricing and repricing (current fare families are always used at repricing time).


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