error messages
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Amadeus Ticket Changer is guaranteed to make your working life easier. This solution automates processes such as ticket reissues and refunds, allowing you to manage your customers’ change requests in a matter of minutes.

To help you get the most out of this great solution, we’ve rounded the most common error messages and what they mean.

Unable to price manually *68*

The Amadeus Fare Quote system is not available. Make a fare display entry to check if the system is available again. If it is still down after a couple of minutes, contact your Amadeus Help Desk and advise that the fare quote is not available.

No e-ticket in AAA

After the following entries:
1. Display the original e-ticket (TWD entry) prior to the TTP entry
2. Re-issue the remaining eligible (status A, O or U) coupons of an e-ticket by using the FXI entry

Need FOP

In multi-passenger PNRs, there are may be different FOPs. This error is shown when the FOP is not copied at the time of FXI. Add the FOP manually in the specific passenger TST using the FPO/CASH/Px entry.