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Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution is a complete and efficient way to manage sales across a travel agency network and benefit from cross-partner opportunities in an easy, secure and transparent way.


Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS) is a fully automated platform for business organization of interaction between IATA agency (Consolidator) and non-IATA point of sale (Subagent). With Amadeus RTS travel agencies (sub-agencies or sales outlets) and consolidators can increase their sales and in the same time improve their operational efficiency through automating current manual processes.

Easy, secure and transparent management of sales

Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution enables consolidators to expand their subagent networks in an efficient and professional way.

Key benefits

  • Easy, secure and transparent management of sales

More than 30% of travel agencies in today’s Sub-Saharan Africa market are non-IATA and that number is increasing. The RTS solution enables ticketing in remote non-IATA locations. Unautomated, non- IATA sales can take up to 30 minutes per ticket to process and there is the likelihood for human error.

  • Increased levels of partnership for consolidators and subagents

With its user-friendly interface, consolidators can set a number of credit limit controls as well as have full flexibility over ticketing parameters for each connected agency and can set basic or advanced restrictions:

  • Efficient sales for subagents.

Subagents can calculate fares and issue e-documents in the office ID of their consolidator but at the same time retain ownership of the PNR, as well as have the ability to issue, void, refund, reissue and revalidate electronic tickets.

At a glance

  • Facilitates sales 24/7 anywhere
  • Secure new sales opportunities to both consolidators and non-IATA sales outlets
  • Significantly improves end-customer experience by reducing lead time of ticket issuance
  • Eliminates major financial risks related to this process
  • Provides immediate man power and communication costs saving
  • Improves management of the subagent networks by consolidators
  • Prevents IATA regulations abuse by offering a secure and transparent way of doing business.

What are customer’s saying? 

To get a feel of how East African travel agents in Burundi and DRC use the platform, we talked to two different travel agencies, Isange Travel (an IATA agent)  and Afrika tours (a Non-IATA agent)  for their real-life preferences and experience with the RTS. Catch up with their views right here :

RTS Solution: What do EA travel agents really think?

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