Abiola Omosini
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Growth, leadership and Innovation! This is my everyday mantra and reflects perfectly what Amadeus Nigeria is and what we want our customers to achieve. Nigeria is a country with endless opportunities and potential waiting to be unlocked. My team and I are constantly striving to grow, innovate and show our leadership in the Nigerian travel industry.

To help us in our quest for growth and innovation, we’ve recently appointed a young and ambitious go-getter: Abiola Omosini to the role of Head of Sales and Marketing in Nigeria.

Born in Ile-ife, in Osun State, in the western region of Nigeria, Abiola has always been passionate about travel.  After obtaining her BA in English and her MBA from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Abiola became one of the pioneer employees at Virgin Nigeria, where she handled the B2B sales. She further built her career in the travel industry as a commercial manager for Aviation at Acorn Petroleum Plc.


At Amadeus, we have a very clear vision about the future of travel and how we can help travel agencies to better serve their customers in a more efficient way. In that sense Abiola’s biggest achievement will be to ensure that Amadeus helps its customers grow their business in the ever changing and unpredictable market dynamics in Nigeria.

A result-oriented person with well-developed interpersonal skills, Abiola is passionate about travel, art, music, animals and the environment. She has a real desire to help create solutions in the travel industry and is keen to put the knowledge and experience she gained at Virgin Nigeria to good use at Amadeus in Nigeria.

When she started at Amadeus a month ago, Abiola hit the ground running. She now leads the sales team, drives growth and ensures that Amadeus stays at the forefront and delivers technology to shape the future of travel.

Abiola is well equipped to deal with any challenges. She knows that travel agents – who are used to running their businesses in a certain way – find it hard to convert from their traditional ways to embrace technology solutions that will ultimately help structure their businesses. But, I’m sure Abiola’s passion and expertise will help travel agents in Nigeria embrace change.

Abiola has taken over from former Sales and Marketing Director Joke Adeyemi. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome Abiola.