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Amadeus has officially become the first GDS to accept credit card payments in Nigeria and Ghana.

We have extensively collaborated and partnered with industry players, and we are proud to say we have now obtained the necessary BSP certification from IATA on the usage of credit cards for payment of travel services through the Amadeus system in Nigeria and Ghana.

This is a major achievement for the travel industry in the region. Nigerian travellers are increasingly demanding to be able to use credit cards when paying for services from their travel agents, and Amadeus has now made this possible.

Our goal is to offer our travel agencies solutions that will make their business operations more efficient. The fact that we are now able to accept credit card payments will bring numerous cash flow benefits to our travel agency customers. Sales no longer have to be reported as cash and travel agents will benefit from a reduction in their BSP remittance which translates into a lower bank guarantee requested by IATA.

The National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies has also welcomed the news. President of NANTA Bankole Bernard told us it is important that travel agencies have a partner that they can trust and that can support them in critical areas of their business. “The implementation of credit cards through Amadeus as a form of payment is a significant milestone for Nigerian travel agents and travellers alike,” he said.