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Amadeus communicator

We always strive to innovate business systems to ensure great execution and with just a click of the mouse, Amadeus Communicator allows you to create professional and customisable travel documentation.

Communicator offers the following functionality:

Amadeus Communicator SMS: allows Amadeus customers to instantly format bookings into fully customised and professional itineraries, ready for immediate delivery to their clients.

Amadeus Communicator Quotes: offers the user the opportunity to create professional quotes from existing Passenger Name Records (PNR) or with the use of Master Pricer Expert.

Amadeus Communicator Reports: produces a selection of reports to measure productivity, supplier support and deliver valuable data on your customers’ travel activity.

How does Amadeus Communicator benefit your business?

Amadeus Communicator SMS straight from your Passenger Name Records (PNR)

  • Automatically send SMS itineraries and e-ticket receipts to your customers
  • Lower your communication costs
  • Improve customer service

Amadeus Communicator Reports is a browser-based, data analysis tool providing online access to consolidated real time statistics and information on travel arrangements and travelers.

It is aimed at travel offices connected to the Amadeus System around the world where there is a data feed through the Amadeus Interface Record (AIR) enabling real time statistics to:


Multiple reports – easily produced using point and click technology for example:

  • Quote Conversion report
  • Savings reports
  • Who is Where reports
  • Top Cities report
  • Top Suppliers reports (Flights, Cars and Hotels)


  • Reduce costs – Providing easy access to information you need to negotiate with your preferred travel providers.
  • Improve customer service – By providing information to your corporate customers to help them better manage their travel and reduce travel costs.

This is an online application, no physical installation is required. Upgrades, patches and product enhancements can be done automatically saving you time and money. You can add and remove modules depending on your requirements and 24/7 real time access is available from anywhere with a secure login.