Amadeus Basic Training Rwanda
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Amadeus Rwanda recently had an Amadeus Basic Training class for their clients. This was the biggest class Amadeus has had in Rwanda since it set their footprint in the country that shows a positive growth for Amadeus awareness in the country.

Amadeus training courses are structured to provide competency in the use of Amadeus System in an effective manner. Our training approach is all hands on, using examples and scenarios that are realistic as possible, and at the same time give the participants a high level of functional knowledge by the end of the training courses.

Ea Training 4 Ea Training 3

Amadeus Basic Training is a course to get you started on the main Amadeus functionalities.This course provides participants with a quick start introduction to the Amadeus CRS (Central Reservation System). It covers the fundamental basics of operating the Amadeus CRS. It is aimed at those participants who need to gain basic knowledge of Flight reservation and Fares quotation.

The training content entails

  • About Amadeus
    > Amadeus Selling Platform presentation
    > Getting started – Sign in /out
    > Convert date and time
    > Encoding and Decoding
  • Amadeus Queues
    > Queue Display
    > Working on queues
  • Amadeus Air
    > Timetable Display
    > Availability / Schedule display
    > Flight Info
    > Seat Sell
  • PNR (Passenger Name Record)
    > Mandatory elements
    > Optional Elements
    – Remarks
    – Frequent Flyer
    – Special Service Request
    – Other Service Information (OSI)
    > PNR modification
    > Splitting PNR
    > Printing and Email itinerary
  • Fares
    > Fare Display
    > Read a Fare note from a fare display
    > Itinerary Pricing
    > Select a fare and create a TST
  • Amadeus E-support
  • Amadeus Chat
  • Amadeus CheckMyTrip

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Amadeus Basic Training Rwanda