30th anniversary
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Amadeus recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with some of our clients in Nigeria. Armed with cakes and cupcakes, the Amadeus Nigeria team visited Finchglow Travels as well as Peacock Travels to chat about our product, answer questions, take pictures and enjoy the festivities.

We immediately took this opportunity to chat to some of our travel agent clients to ask them about their experience with Amadeus over the past few years.

“Beyond any doubt, Amadeus is the leading GDS for me. I can emphatically say that all the products you have to help us enhance our customer service as travel agents are top notch and world class. I don’t have one favourite product, because all your products are excellent,” said Mr Ezekiel of Finchglow Travels.

Mr James Alagba of Peacock Travels adds: “I’ve been using Amadeus for the past 25 years. I enjoy using Amadeus because it is user-friendly and it makes my job easier and faster. Your solutions make it easy for me to carry on my day-to-day assignments in the office.”

Peacock Travel and Tours’ CEO and Chairman of Peacock Group, Aare Segun Philips recently told us in an interview that Amadeus has simplified his life considerably. He said: “We were the first in Nigeria to use Amadeus. We trained all our staff with Amadeus. We were also the first Travel Agency to use the online platform provided by Amadeus. Amadeus has always been number 1 for us.”

Celebrations continued at the Amadeus Nigeria office in Lagos with more cupcakes for the entire staff. Check out some pictures of the event here: