Amadeus Selling Platform Connect
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Amadeus Selling Platform Connect has revolutionised and taken over the travel industry in Africa with now more than 90% of Amadeus clients in Africa using the platform.

Thanks to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, travel agents can work from anywhere, at any time and anyhow. It makes the travel agent’s life much easier and much more efficient.

“One of the ways Amadeus has shaken things up in Southern Africa is through the introduction of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, which has been a huge hit with travel agents, and has definitely helped position Amadeus as a true technology partner in the travel industry, a partner that travel agents can trust,” Andy Hedley, GM Amadeus Southern Africa told us last year.

We decided to reach out to some of our travel agent clients and ask them what some of the quirkiest places have been from where they have accessed Selling Platform Connect.

While tasting wine in New Zealand

The funnies place from where Club Travel’s Luana Visagie has helped clients thanks to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect was while wine tasting at Man O’War on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. “Thank you Amadeus Selling Connect!!!”

While having your hair done


Pentravel’s Michelle Boshoff tells us one of the quirkiest places from where she has accessed her Amadeus system was whilst sitting under the dryer at her local hairdresser.

While watching your children’s sports tournaments


Destinations A Buzz’s Helen Mann  explains that as a mother, she never stops working and has to juggle her time. But, thanks to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, she no longer has to miss her children’s netball matches or water polo tournaments.

“Even sitting at a sports field, I can easily answer clients and work online on my smartphone. It just all comes together,” she says, adding that working in these more ‘unusual’ locations has actually helped her grow her business.

Helen says it’s surprising how much business she generates just from sitting around other moms and dads. She explains she recently did a booking for a large group of school kids on request of the parents at a sports match. “I could do the booking online from my phone, while the parents were sitting next to me. It fascinates them to see how quickly we can turn things around.”

While being out with friends


Fozia Ismael Diriye, a ticketing consultant at Libken Agencies in Kenya , says that what she loves most about Selling Platform Connect is the efficiency it creates because she can access it anywhere especially on her smartphone.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect enabled her to assist a client when she was out with friends. She says: “I got a call from a client who needed an urgent ticket. I was able to log in on my phone and I issued the ticket on Selling Platform Connect. It saved me the hassle of going all the way back home to my computer. Being able to deliver such service to a customer at all times is the best feeling ever!”

 From the backseat of the car

The car is a popular place from where travel agents access Amadeus Selling Connect. Pentravel’s Michelle Boshoff says that besides the hairdresser, she has also booked and amended clients’ flights from the backseat of her car, whilst on a family road trip to the Drakensberg.

“I can take my laptop anywhere and often book in the car when travelling!!! When hubby is driving of course!” says also Sure Travel’s Sally Ralfe.

And even… from the bathroom


“Oh dear! I think the funniest or quirkiest place from where I’ve helped clients thanks to Selling Platform Connect would be at the ladies’ room at Cape Town Airport while I was en-route to Walvis Bay,” says Sure Maritime Travel’s Rachael Penaluna.

Also Robyn Daneel-Spicer, Director Sure Stellenbosch Travel, has reissued tickets from the bathroom before. “I’ve reissued a ticket from a bathroom in the movie theatre,” she laughs.