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With over 180 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa! Did you know that one out of every 43 people on this planet is Nigerian?

Nigeria is also the biggest economy on the continent and is rich in both mineral resources and human resources. The country is made up of 36 states with Abuja being the federal capital Territory. It borders the Chad Republic and Niger on the North, the Atlantic Ocean on the South, Benin republic on the West and Cameroon on the East.

Here are some remarkable facts about Nigeria you probably didn’t know:

1. The longest bridge in Africa is in Nigeria. The title goes to the third mainland bridge connecting the mainland to Lagos Island – the bridge measures about 11.8km.

2. In 1975, a brand new car sold for N2000 (US$6.5) while a ticket to London was sold for less than N100 (US$0.3).

3. Nigerians did not need a travel visa to the United Kingdom until 1984.

4. Multilingual and multicultural, the country has more than 500 different ethnic groups. The three major tribes are the Ibo, the Hausa-Fulani and the Yoruba. Although the official language is English, there are over 600 distinct ethnic languages spoken in Nigeria.

5. Nigerians are lovers of Social Media. With over 3 million Facebook users, the youthful population of Nigeria has fiercely adopted global social media tools.

6. According to the World Happiness Report, Nigeria is the sixth happiest country in Africa.

7. Murtala Muhammed International Airport ranked the 5th busiest Airport in Africa, according to the Guardian. The four busiest airports are OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, Cairo International Airport, Cape Town International Airport and Mohammed V International Airport in Morocco.

8. Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of crude oil in the world, and the largest oil producer in Africa. It is also the 8th largest exporter of oil in the world.

9. Nigeria’s national parks are home to some of the last remaining endangered species in West Africa, such as the Pigmy hippopotamus, the West African Lions, Gorillas, Hyenas, Antelopes and collared mangabey.

Though Nigeria can be perceived to be a ‘loud’ destination, the country also has its quieter, more ‘hidden’ sides that deserve to be explored. In fact, there are so many sides to Nigeria, it feels more like a continent than a country.