Involuntary Reissue
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Amadeus solutions offer a number of great benefits that help our customers shape the future of their travel business.

But what about the little things that contribute to making your job easier and sometimes fall under the radar? Our products are packed with time-saving features to make our customers’ day-to-day life easier – some of which you may not know about.

Here we share some handy hints and other useful tips and tricks to help you in your every day work. Please make sure to share them with your colleagues!

Have you ever experienced a bad passenger association for SSR creation? Here’s how you can solve the problem:



Smart Flow Keys and Questions can make our lives a lot easier. Here’s how you can edit a Smart Flow Question:



Would you like to modify your Other Service Information on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect? We’ll tell you how:


It can be quite handy to export passenger information to a file. Here’s how you can easily do that on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect: