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9 June 2017 , 9:45 am

You want what? Some of the strangest hotel requests!

hotel requests

Most hotels pride themselves on impeccable customer service, fulfilling their guests request as well as they can. But some guests simply have the strangest hotel requests…

Businessman Sean Fitzsimmons made the news last year with his bizarre hotel requests. This road warrior in his twenties decided to spark up his corporate travels by asking hotel staff to fulfil unusual request. “I got bored doing the routine checking-in and checking-out, so I thought, why not try a random request?” he told local newspapers.

Here are some of the things Fitzsimmons requested:

1. Please provide a picture of a dog dressed as a boat captain

The hotel was quick to comply with his request:


2. A portrait of myself please?

For another request, he asked the staff to use a little imagination.

So, the hotel staff got creative:

3. Who doesn’t like a fort? 

But, Fitzsimmons isn’t the only one requesting funny things.

4. Nicolas Cage fan 

A Nicolas Cage fan made numerous requests for pictures of the actor to be placed around their hotel room during their stay. The hotel each time complied.

Firstly, a framed picture of the Hollywood star in the action film Con Air was left on the bed by staff, along with a Post-It note reading ‘Sweet dreams’.

The guest then asked for a picture of Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck to be taped to the bathroom mirror.

Unfortunately, staff were a bit slow in carrying out this request but the picture arrived later with an apology note.

Also in Africa, hotel guests come up with the strangest requests and remarks. City Lodge shared the following quirky requests it received in hotels in Africa:

5. Spelling Troubles

Guest: What is the WIfI password?

Receptionist: SONG_492

Guest: How do you spell underscore?

6. Who can spot the difference between a microwave and a safe? 

“We had a guest request that a staff member come to his room to show him how the microwave works, as he wanted to warm up his food. The microwave is actually the room safe,” says a City Lodge staff member.

7. Pick sides in  TV remote fights! 

One guest at City Lodge asked the hotel via  a “Quick Fix” maintenance card and I quote: “Why did you have to put the remote on my wife’s side of the bed… ? Please guys, put it on the man’s side of the bed!”

8. Please help me lose weight

A guest on a Weigh-Less asked City Lodge staff to weigh all her food for the day and serve each meal to her as per her weigh less meal plan.

And Protea Hotels by Marriott staff also received a few ‘special’ requests. 

 9. Did you find my false teeth?

“I had a guest call to ask if we had found their false teeth next to the bed in a cup where they left it,” says one staff member, adding “Yes, the false teeth were actually left behind!”.

 10. Are there ghosts in the hotel? 

A female guest was caught in bed with her work colleague; she insisted that there were ghosts in her room so she had to sleep with her neighbour. She insisted that we get an exorcist in to get rid of the ghosts.

11. Tissues anyone? 

Another guest would line the entire room, every inch of carpet, with tissues every day.

 12. The name is Bond, James Bond!

“I had a guy that would check himself into the hotel every Friday as James Bond. He would tell us that he is busy with undercover investigative work, which I believed. He was a prominent attorney in town. I later discovered he had a secret assignation at the hotel every Friday,” says a Protea by Marriott staff member




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