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Day 2 at WTM Africa was filled with lots of excitement and even more interesting presentations and exhibitions to see.

The Amadeus Regional Solutions Team was on the ground again on day 2 to make sure that we could bring you all the information from the event.

The stand out highlight from day two of the conference was getting a chance to hear our very own Andrew Shaw talk about Amadeus and there was excellent feedback from customers after this presentation. Andrew spoke about insights into mobile travel technology and as this is such a hot topic on the continent at the moment this was received very well.

There were less attendees on day two but this did not detract from the atmosphere or the quality of the conference at all.

The best talk from an Amadeus perspective was on “travel Technology-the Mobile Revolution in Technology”. One can see that the trend this year at WTM was definitely that of mobility, technology and how these two influences and change travel across the globe.

The best exhibition of the day came from the Dubai team and this was a very impressive stand. It was large and colourful and really stood out from the rest.

We once again kept track of the Twitter streams during day two of the conference and we thought that the tweet below from @molocapetown was the most interesting:

If you thought mobile is ‘the future’: “Over 50% of Google searches on weekends comes from mobile.” Mobile is now. #wtmafrica #mobiletrends

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